Realtor Showing Feedback

It is very important to have buyer feedback but most of the time, the comment boxes are left empty, feedback requests go unanswered and becomes vague. You may be wondering what's so hard in leaving a feedback. As you know, realtors are always on the go. From showing one property to the next to potential clients, to attending meetings and networking events, it is quite hard to find the time to sit down and make a respond to feedback requests, most especially if the client is not interested in listing. Check out the real estate management software view the link .

But that is the feedback you need and want, why are not they showing interests? Is the price so high, is the backyard so small, the bedrooms doesn't fit their needs, does it have outdated kitchen? To successfully have realtor showing feedback, the following are tips that can help you do it.

Tip number 1. Request feedback in timely manner - should you be sending feedback requests right after a showing, several hours after or on the next day? According to research, the ideal time to send a feedback request is at least an hour after showing while the property is still fresh in the mind of the agent and they can remember easily what buyers thought of the place. 

To better improve the response rate and at the same time, help jog the memory of the agent, better include the logo of your company and name, photo of the house as well with the feedback request. Get ready to learn about  best real estate crm .

Tip number 2. Keep the feedback short and precise - keep in mind that the shorter the feedbacks are, the better the response you are going to get. Real estate agents do not have much time filling out 10 question feedback form so, shoot for feedback request forms that just take 3 minutes or maybe less to finish.

Tip number 3. Ask questions you will use - your objective here is finding out what homebuyers thought of the property so by that, you could talk with sellers regarding improvements that have to be done or if it is necessary to have a price reduction. This makes the conversation a lot easier after having direct validation from your market.

Tip number 4. Prioritize on the more important questions - you should start by thinking on what is most compelling info to show to your sellers which will help in selling the house fast. For the most part, it is the condition and price of the house. If you are having issues prioritizing your questions, then simply jot down all the items you like to get a feedback from and pick the top 5 or 6 from it. Learn more about real estate .